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MBL founder Cecilia Koester shares her knowledge at a workshop.
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“Cece goes first to a child’s heart, where all learning begins.”

–Bill Hubert,
Originator of Bal-a-vis-x

Movement Based Learning for Children of All Abilities
2nd Edition (2012)

Written by Cecilia Koester

This book is a “must have” for your library of practical ways to address the needs of every child in your life. The emphasis is on basic developmental movement patterns that will enhance neurological function. Each of us has a foundation of neurological patterns that allow us to continually learn and grow. If the foundation is lacking or weak we then must go back and reinforce learning at this level of primitive reflexes or developmental movement patterns. This book gives hands-on methods and techniques that will allow each and every child to reach their greatest potential––whether her potential is to be able to read on grade level or if she is learning to walk and talk.

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Three Wall Charts, 12" x 18" (2013)

These 12”x18” charts are quick view aids for building understanding of the brain—body connection through movement.

Set of 3 charts include:
• The Three Dimensions of Movement
• The Three Dimensions of Learning
• Building Block Activities

These are also sold individually.

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Seven 8.5" x 11" Charts in a Pocket Folder

The Movement Activities within this packet of 8.5” x 11” charts are used to promote integration of the mind and body system.

Set of all charts include:
• Learning Readiness
• Development Building Block Activities
• Laterality Dimension
• Focus Dimension
• Centering Dimension (2 charts)

Quantity: 6 charts
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Songs to Open the Heart

Sung by Gay Wolf
Arrangements by David Paul Britton and Gay Wolf

Use these songs to enhance movement and create an environment of learning. The disc includes five songs sung by Gay Wolf and the same songs without vocals.

Song list:

• She's Been Waiting
• I Feel My Feet
• I Am As I Am
• May The Long Time Sun
• How Could Anyone Ever Tell You

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I Am The Child

Using Brain Gym
® with Children Who have Special Needs (1998, 2010)

By Cecilia (Freeman) Koester M. Ed. with Gail Dennison

I Am the Child by Cecilia Freeman Koester
This remarkable and thought-provoking book journals Koester's experiences as a teacher in a public school classroom where she offers a child-centered, cooperative model of learning. She shares with us the adaptations of the Brain Gym method that she used successfully to meet the needs of eleven children who have multiple challenges which include deafness, blindness, cerebral palsy, Angelman's Syndrome, mental retardation and autism.

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Course Manual for Brain Gym® 101S (2004)

Interfacing Brain Gym; with Children Who Have Special Needs

Written and compiled by Cecilia (Freeman) Koester M Ed
A Derivative Work of Gail E. Dennison and Paul E. Dennison, PhD

This manual, used in conjunction with the 101S Brain Gym course, is a very functional, practical way to profoundly change the way you look at yourself and therefore the children or adults with whom you work. This manual will provide an in-depth experience of some basic developmental movement patterns with the emphasis on how to use Brain Gym with children or adults who have special needs.
Course manual is only available to former and current students taking Brain Gym 101S.

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Brain Gym® and Its Effect on Reading Abilities

Research Study Developed and Completed by Cecilia K. Freeman. M.Ed and Joyce B. Sherwood, M.A.
Report Written By Cecilia K. Freeman. M.Ed

Can simple developmental movements, called Brain Gym have a positive effect on reading abilities? Absolutely!
This reading research report explores how two Brain Gym consultants set forth to improve reading skills and abilities of elementary students.

Format: 65 pages
Published in 2000
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