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    ER-5610MEMS Inertial/Satellite Integrated Navigation SystemTechnical Advantages:
    鈼?Serial port reads IMU and GNSS data
    鈼?Combined navigation function, real-time calculation of the carrier’s location, speed, heading and attitude and other information
    鈼?Support GNSS real-time RTK function, able to store post-processing data
    鈼?Provide standardized user general agreement to support the user according to their own needs
    鈼?Provide standardized user general agreement to support the user according to their own needs
    鈼?Two RS232 and RS422 serial interfaces are available to enhance the standardization and versatility of product features
    Product Description:
    This product is equipped with MEMS gyroscope and accelerometer and mapping multi-mode multi-frequency GNSS receiver. It can achieve a single antenna dynamic alignment or dual antenna-assisted fast high-precision orientation, and the directional accuracy can reach up to 0.1 deg.
    This product is equipped with a new integrated navigation and fusion algorithm engine. Making use of the SFE for GNSS occlusion, multi-path interference to optimize the design, it can used in city, canyons and other complex environments to meet the requirements of long time, high precision , high reliability navigation application.
    The product can support GNSS / odometer / DVL / barometric altimeter and other sensors external, with excellent scalability. Through the use of multi-sensor data fusion technology, and the combination of the inertial measurement and phase , it can make the system geographical adaptability and robustness Greatly improved. To meet the mobile street surveying, marine mapping and other applications in the field of mapping needs, supporting the original data storage and mapping level navigation post-processing software, the user can choose according to their demand.
    ER-5610MEMS Inertial/Satellite Integrated Navigation SystemTechnology Parameter:
    system real-time accuracy
    Heading0.1掳 锛坉ual antenna mode锛宐aseline length鈮?2m 锛?br/>0.5掳 锛坰ingle antenna mode锛?/p>
    Positionsingle point positioning鈮?2m(CEP) RTK 50px+1ppm(CEP)
    Speed accuracy0.1m/s
    Data update rate200Hz(configurable)
    Start time鈮?10s
    Alignment time1~2min (depending on the form of dynamic maneuver)
    dual antenna assisted directional time鈮?1min
    reprocessing accuracy
    Position accuracylockout time锛?s accuracy锛?.02m
    Position accuracylockout time锛?0s accuracy锛?.2m
    Position accuracylockout time锛?0s accuracy锛?0m
    Key components parameters
    Gyroscoperange锛毬?50掳 /s zero partial stability:鈮?20掳 /h
    Accelerometerrange锛毬?g zero partial stability锛氣墹 1mg
    user model
    Car model(the default model)airborne model銆乻hip model
    data interface
    Interface mode1path RS232銆?pathRS422銆?path differential signal銆?pathsingle-ended銆乻upport PPS銆?EVENTMARK input/output
    Baud rate9600-115200 bps (configurable)
    physical characteristics
    Supply voltage24VDC rated锛?0锝?2VDC锛?/p>
    power consumption锛?7W
    Operating temperature-40鈩冿綖 +80鈩?/p>
    Waterproof levelIP65
    Physical size102mm脳56mm脳38mm
    Application fields:
    Space fieldUAV
    aerial surveying
    aircraft black boxhigh dynamic measurement range
    small dimension, light weight
    supports real-time RTK mobile stations
    hold IE data post-processing
    INS / GNSS combination design
    Land-based domainstreet View Cart
    electric inspection unmanned cardual antenna assisted rapid orientation 0.1 掳
    multiple interface outputs
    support NMEA standard protocol
    IP67 degree of protection
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