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    Low running cost
    Low energy consumption
    Low maintenance cost
    High performance
    High speed
    High quality
    High accuracy
    High efficiency
    High power fiber Laser cutting machine is widely used in processing of carbon steel, stainless still, alloy steel, galvanized sheet, aluminum, coppermaterial sheet production.
    Fiber Laser Cutter consists of laser generator, control system, motion system, optical system, cooling system, fume-extraction system, it adopts famous brand servo motor and transmission and guide structure with excellent performance to achieve good motion accuracy in high-speed state
    Adopting advanced fiber laser generator and ball screw moving system, it can cut and punch different kinds of metal material with high precision and high speed.
    Since laser is transmitted by fiber, it is no need to maintenance or adjust the laser optical path. It greatly reduces the machines fault rate and prolongs the working life.
    Large format cutting area meets the demands of various kinds of metal processing.
    Technical Parameter:
    1Laser GeneratorIPG German, or Raycus made in China
    2Laser Wavelength1070nm
    3Laser Repeat FrequencyCW
    4Mechanical driving systemRackand Pinion, ATLANTA, German
    5PC SystemIndustrial controlEVOC, Taiwan
    6X axis servo unit1000W servo single driving, Fuji, Japan
    7Y axis servo unit2000W servo dualdriving, Fuji, Japan
    8Z axis servo unit400W servo single driving, Fuji, Japan
    9Limit switchesNPN,Omron,Japan
    10Min Linewidth0.15mm
    11Max.Cutting Thickness≤22mm for carbon steel ≤11mm for stainless steel by gas N2
    12Continued Working Time≥20 hours
    13Max.Cutting Dimension150*300cm
    14Wortable Cutting Accuracy0.05mm/m
    15Repeated Positioning Precision±0.05mm/m
    16Power SupplyThree-phase 5 wires AC 380V±5%,50Hz±1%
    Product Description
    500W, 1000W, 2000W, 4000W Ipg CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine, High Quality High Speed CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
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