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    Shell core machine
    Used in the production of bucket tooth casting process modeling and other castings molding.

    Product description:
    Shell core machine is a widely used molding equipment in casting machinery. The shell core function can meet all kinds of requirements of shell core sand production, with the characteristics of adjustable process parameters and automatic control of mold temperature. It is divided into single-step shell core machine and automatic shell core machine.
    Shell core machine is a hot core box technology to make coated sand shell core equipment. Its working process is completed at the same time of filling sand and compactness, and immediately hardened in the hot core box, sand cores for casting can be produced in only a few seconds or tens of seconds per cycle. The core size is accurate and the surface is smooth.
    Machine components:
    The machine consists of three parts, such as mechanical part, pneumatic part and electrical part. Material used in mechanical part is well-selected steel. Its main components are all made of world- famous brand. For example: The PLC Control System is of Siemens brand, the relay is of OMRON, and the AC Contactor is of SCHNEIDER. Therefore we can assure you that our products are of high quality as well as favorable price.
    Product advantages:
    1. High production efficiency: The working process of shell core machine is completed at the same time of sand injection and compacting, and immediately preheat and harden in the core box. A cycle cycle only takes more than ten seconds to produce the sand core for casting.
    2. Die frame automatically flip 180° empty sand to form shell core, this process can save coated sand 40%.
    3. Good quality sand core: can shoot sand core of any degree of complexity, with accurate size and smooth surface, which can reduce casting processing.
    4. It can save many auxiliary equipment and tools for core making, such as core oven, drying machine, core bone, wax line, etc.
    5. Reduce labor intensity, flexible and simple operation, easy to master and use, using electric heating, temperature can be automatically controlled, easy to keep clean working place, for the core process of mechanization, automation to create conditions
    It is widely used in casting machinery industry.
    Equipment manufacturing, installation and commissioning:
    Engineer available to provide paid service overseas
    Field provide debugging, installation guide and technical consulting services and training
    After- sale services:
    In the meantime, we own strong administrant and technical teams to ensure that our innovation and improvement ability can keep up with changeable market requirements. In order to satisfy our customers better, we can also make machines according to our customers’ specific needs.
    Our after-sale service is prompt and patient. Once you place an order, we are willing to give you support in installment and labor training. During the production period, if you meet any problems that you are not able to deal with, you could contact us. We will try our best to help.

    Company Information
    Ningguo Sifang steel ball mold & equipment Co., Ltd. was established in August 2003, located in the largest wear -resistant materials production base – Anhui Ningguo, known as “the capital of wear resistant castings of China”. The company integrates development, manufacture and sale together. Mainly products: grinding ball series equipment, automatic heat treatment equipment, automatic quenching production line, automatic casting grinding ball production line, ball molds etc… Various products and excellent quality enable the company has been grant “Keep contract regard credit” units, “Honest and credit” units, “Private technology enterprises in Anhui Province”, “High-tech enterprises in Anhui Province”, “Anhui Province civilization integrity of private enterprises” and some other awards. NingguoSifang Steel Ball Mold & Equipment is also the member of Chinese Wea Foundry Association …
    In July 2012, due to the development of the company, establishing Ningguo Taishun Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. at the National Economic and Technological Development Zone.

    1. What’s your MOQ?
    At present we haven’t strict policy for this, so welcome orders with any quantity.
    2. Are you a manufacturer or trade company?
    We are a manufacturer. You can assure that we are a producer with full experience doing business in domestic and oversea.
    3. We are not professional for operation and installation of your machine?
    While it is not a stumbling block, our machine is easy to operate, no need to professional training, and the instruction manual sent to you are enough. What’s more, we have professional engineers and they can solve all questions. Shell Core Machine suppliers